iOrder's Features 

iOrder is a web-based radiology ordering solution designed to provide a consistent, single source for your facility for all radiology orders.

iOrder provides a simple and user-friendly interface designed to:

  • Reduce costs, confusion and frustration
  • Reduce cancellations, rescheduling and repeat exams
  • Organize and manage the examination ordering process
  • Reduce the expense of dormant equipment and excess personnel
  • Improve communication between the referring physician and the radiologist
  • Provide necessary patient history to optimize the interpretation of studies
  • Assist physicians with ordering the most appropriate and cost-effective examinations
  • Assign a time and date for exams and procedures
  • Provide the patient with printed exam preparations and instructions
  • Screen patients for contraindications (weight limits, allergies, pregnancy, etc.)

Contact us today for a free demonstration and to learn how other physicians and hospitals are working together to increase revenues, decrease expenses, and provide higher quality patient care with iOrder.
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